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Service you can count on 24 Hours a Day
365 Days a Year

We serve any work very quickly at a low price.

20 Years Of Expirence

We are where the

Customer matters all the time.

No Robots

You will always speak to a person. We feel person to person customer service is too quickly being put to the side. It's important!


Our entire team brings so much experience to your membership. You can count on this!

What we do

Our goal is to help customers with everything in your Home.

Owning a home is not easy. The costs involved in the upkeep usually start on day one. If you do look at the statistics and numbers of these costs, this membership will pay for itself EASILY as well as come with so many more benefits that don’t come with any other company’s products or plans.

Inside your Membership Benefits page, you will find your usual basic always needed benefits along with so many other added benefits that you probably never thought of until now. Your Membership coordinator will go over all your benefits and can even add some that are specific to your needs. Your going to be surprised when you see how much money you will be saving!

Our services

Service done right

Show up on time and reday to go

Your Membership offers services for your home that include seamless communication for scheduling and solid, quality handiwork every visit to your home. You will NEVER pay a service call fee, EVER.

Be done with the other guys.

Why pay for other types of programs, warranty plans and service contracts that end up NOT covering your needs in the very end, or, quite simply, you never use them, and if you do, the math equates to not enough to account for the headache they put you through. With our Membership, you have so many easy to understand benefits, so many other ways to save money, so many free services and on top of the that, a company you can count on for a lifetime.

We always provide the best, highest quality workmanship for you. And our customer service rocks.

We have worked for years coming up with a solution for customers alike, that saves them time, money and headaches while at the same time receiving the best customer service this side of the Mississippi. Call us today to find out how your Membership can work for you and how you will NEVER be charged for labor, NEVER!

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Why choose us Allstate Property Care?

Here are just a few reasons!


Best materials

24/7 Supports

Work Efficiency

Affordable Price

100% Satisfaction


Allstate Property Care

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