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An annual Membership that saves you money on the repairs and upkeep on your home AND SO MUCH MORE!

Your Homeowners Insurance is something completely different than our Membership. One does not replace the other. Home Owners Insurance is as it says “Insurance” and our Membership is exactly that, a Membership. Call us to go over the differences in depth.

Each home is evaluated individually, you might need something included in your Membership that your neighbor does not and vice versa. We let YOU choose your Benefits. Why pay for something you don’t need. It doesn’t make sense to us either.

You can purchase a Membership whenever you would like, as long as you have an address for your membership.

Of course. This is how to avoid any “grey” area when using your benefits. This is a feature that not only educates our Members, but it helps us help you much much more in using your Membership.

Your Membership Benefits begin 48 Hours after your account has been fully set up. Your Membership will only end if you decide to not renew your Annual Membership.

A solution will be presented to you with options that will work in this situation. Allstate will take these types of situations and deal with them on a case by case basis.

You will always call 725.300.1200, someone will always be available for our Members.

No. There is NEVER a service fee for a House Call / Service Call while your Membership is active.

Your Membership will Auto-Renew every year unless you decide not to renew.

[4:29 PM, 1/10/2024] Hassan Ashraf Designer: Yes, that is one of Allstate Property Care’s wonderful Benefits. Each Membership will be evaluated annually and in addition, will be adjusted accordingly.

Yes, Allstate Property Care is open to use your Benefits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all holidays for emergencies as well.

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